Moving on into the Fall

I seem to easily find many excuses not to write a blog. I write, then I delete - my English is not as good as I wish it was and my written English is worse than my spoken English. This is something we will have to live with; you as a reader and me as a writer. Now that excuse is out of the way and I can start to write.

I could write about the election which is in a few days but I will refrain from that subject. I can always talk politics with my husband if I want to talk politics.

Knitting. Designing. Pattern Writing. etc that's where this blog needs to be, on those subjects.

I have worked on some hats - they are French Berets; I knitted up a couple of improvised abstract fair isle berets at the end of last winter; liked them but didn't really know how to make pattern charts for the hat without making it terribly back breaking. Put it away until a couple of weeks ago, when I revisited the hats from last season and still liked them. With some more pattern writing experience in my bag due to intensely designing and writing during the spring and summer, I now feel that I can take on some things that seeemd daunting before. So I actually wrote a pattern with charts and everything, in four sizes and published it here, on my web site as well as in Ravelry and on ETSY. I can't wait to see people knitting it. 

If you are knitting the Unruly Beret and have questions, I will be glad to help. Please, contact me.

Unruly Beret, Felted

Unruly Beret

Unruly Beret on my head


Goofy me

I have actually knitted the hat in a different combination of yarns too; I need to figure out how to add this to the pattern.

I am wearing the Unruly Beret and a little make up - took the photo myself

You can see more photos on Instagram - designdreamernow

The bangle bracelets are some of my favorites; they are Bakelite and other vintage plastics - Love wearing them

The new variation of the Sweet Buffalo Hat with a doubled, corrugated, single color rib is also from this fall season; I have added the pattern to my Ravelry store. It can be bought as an individual pattern or part of a ebook/bundle with my earlier variations of the Sweet Buffalo Hat. I love the way this hat looks and feels on the head.

I appreciate you all buying my patterns - when I get a Corona Vaccine I hope to be able to get out and do some markets and shows to connect with you in person. But we are not there yet....

Another shot of Unruly Berets

The camel brown with magenta center at the photos top left is the Beret I am wearing in the Bangle photo

The Camel Brown with Magenta center to the top left is the Unruly Beret that I wear with the Bangles. 

Some of the Berets are felted but not all - the Camel color and the Silver Grey in the lower left are Navia, Tradition Deluxe, yarn - Navia is a small family run Yarn Mill in the Faroe Islands. Yes, that is a small Island Group (Country) Northwest of England. It is between The Shetland Islands and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Navia (

Have a lovely day and enjoy the fall and the election excitement :)

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