Cardigan Time

When the fall makes its arrival so does the need for a cardigan that you can put on when it's cold and take off when it's hot without messing up your hair, makeup or jewelry. 

I recently stumbled over a good deal on some Isager Japansk Bomuld and Spinni - I love Isager Yarn and I was excited to open a box with gorgeous yarn that was shipped to me from Great Yarns in North Carolina.

North Carolina is almost local since I live in South Carolina. My local South Carolina yarn shop, Luna Lola, does not have those "qualities" of Isager Yarn. They do however have Isager Tvinni and Isager Alpaca2 both of which are also gorgeous and lovely and soft and...

Alas, Luna Lola is soon closing its doors permanently. It was not possible for the owner to keep running as the pandemic kept on churning. I can't tell you how sad I am about this. I won't talk anymore about it here.

Speaking of North Carolina :) yarn shops that offer a large selection of Isager Yarn I need to mention Hillsborough Yarn Shop as it makes me smile and feel happy inside to think of that store. The people that run the store are wonderful. They do an amazing job keeping us on their toes with an almost daily Instagram Feed featuring photos of their wares. I love it so much!

It is no doubt my Scandinavian roots that give me a bias in a good way to Isager Yarn. I grew up in Denmark - have I already mentioned this? - and from my time in Denmark I remember the fantastic designs that Marianne Isager created. When I went to Aarhus University in the 80s I frequently walked the cobble stone streets in the old center of Aarhus, browsing the many boutiques lining these narrow, crooked streets. Sometimes I walked the sidewalks with plenty of time to stand and gaze through the large storefront windows facing the streets. On these occassions I would also pass Marianne Isager's store front; it was located in Aarhus - a dream store. I don't think Marianne Isager had opened her place in Tversted at that time. 

The Lisbet Cardigan is worked with Isager Spinni and Isager Japansk Bomuld held together for a marled effect. I have made the pdf pattern for it available here on my Website. It can also be purchased in my ETSY store and in my Ravelry Store. At the moment it is in one size only but I hope to make it available for more sizes as we move further into the fall and winter. Please, check back.

Stay safe and stay warm, Karen

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