Happy New Year

Finally 2021 has come and we're done with 2020 - I see it fading in the rear view mirror. Please.

I have not tended to my website in an ideal way but I have been here and I am still here ready to assist you, ready to ship things to you, ready to have a conversation about patterns or finished products, ready to answer questions. 

I am always busy, that's the way I like it. Today I listed a pair of knitted, then felted wool slippers for sale. This is a creation that I love but they are a size or two too small for me so I am going to make a pair for myself that is tad larger. I hope you will like them.

Please, continue to take good care of your health wearing a mask when in public, washing hands often etc etc. We know the drill now, don't we! There is a vaccine, at last, alas, we must stay patient until our turn comes. I hope that your turn comes soon. Until then, remember to stay at home and knit a lot :)


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