I have made progress on my new web site and ETSY shop. New because I am transitioning from selling antiques and collectibles to sell knitting patterns, knitting kits and notions and much more. There is much more to come. Every day I make a little progress. 

Today, my friend, Liz, who is a graphic artist and designer, put the last touches on the banner in my ETSY shop. I love the berry color and the white letters, the texture of the knitted fabric, the drape etc. I think it is uniquely me as I knitted the fabric and took the photo of it. It shows the imperfections of a handmade textile - those small differences in tension of the yarn as it is created. That's what a machine can't do as well as I can. Yet ;)

I hope that you like the banner and that you will continue to check in with me and see what's new in the shop.

I've got to get back to designing, knitting, writing etc. - have a wonderful day.


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