Hi everyone - I am new to blogging

Blogging is new to me and I am new to blogging. I am really a knitter and I imagine that is what most of my blogging will be about.

Today I am busy figuring out how to get my Website started and how to make it work the way I want it to work. Website design is new to me and I am new to website design...

I hope that you have patience to deal with my mess while I figure things out and while I get organized.

It is my intent to sell some patterns for my knitwear designs and I realize that the blog will be a good place to provide help with the patterns and the knitting process. Sometimes there are things that are better shown in some detail with photos and video tutorials than they are when explained in words. I will try my way with this and hoepfully you will find it helpful.

This is enough of an introduction to blogging. I will return with more later. 

Have a wonderful day.


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